Monday, January 2, 2012

Good without God?

Atheist or Anti-theist are pushing their agenda with the ultimate goal to remove God from the government, schools and public life. Atheist believe that without religion, society would be better off and the world would be more peaceful.
Religion in their view is outdated and obsolete. They argue that we have made many advances in science, the medical field and we possess a higher knowledge than our forefathers did. They believe that all the answers can be found in science and human wisdom. They believe that with human reasoning and science they can fix most of the problems facing modern society and the world today.
One of their arguments is, "if we could just get rid of these religious people the world would be a better place." They have billboards and signs on buses that read: "There is probably no God" and "you can be good without God." Atheist and Anti-theist have become increasingly outspoken over the last few decades and the liberal media outlets have given them a platform to do so. Although Atheist are a minority in this country and the world , people like Atheist Bill Maher have their own shows on cable TV.
Just recently, Bill Maher ridiculed Tim Tebow again and again because of Tim's faith in Jesus Christ. He mocked him because he prays on the field and speaks openly about Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I have not heard Maher and others attacking Muslims, Buddhist and Hindus in the media as they attack Christians and Christianity. Are they afraid to speak out about Islam? Are we dealing with hypocrites that attack one faith only, Christianity?  Political correctness has taken over this country and made it almost impossible to say anything in the media or in public about other faith groups like the Muslim faith for example. The liberal media is very quick to report on people that speak out against Islam and the Islamic Sharia law.
People that voice their concerns about radical Islam and it's teachings are called by the media, Islamophobic. The liberal media seems to have no problem with Christian bashing on TV. Shows like Maher's mock Jesus Christ and His followers, ridiculing them because of their faith. Would this country be better off without God? I don't think so. We are already witnessing a vast moral decline in society. If we remove the God of the Bible completely from public life, this country and the world would be in chaos. The moral values that we once had would be forgotten and everybody would do what's right in their own eyes. The US constitution is based on biblical principles, the ethic and moral law that we all enjoy can be found in the pages of the Bible.
Our founding fathers, although not all of them were believers wrote the constitution with the ten commandments and the laws of the Torah as a guide. Many want to deny this today, trying to change the history of this country by adding things that are not true. Go to Washington DC and look at the US Supreme Court House. On the Western facade, you find the words "Equal Justice Under Law" and on Eastern facade,  "Justice the Guardian of Liberty." The Eastern facade has Moses holding the two tablets with the 10 commandments as the law giver. Our moral and ethical values come from the 10 commandments given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.
Our judiciary laws are based on biblical principles. If we take God and the Bible out of the equation, how would this world look? Who would set the moral standards, who would decide what is right and what is wrong? What is right for somebody may not be right for somebody else.
If we solely base morality on human reason alone instead of God, how would this world look?  There are already plenty of people in society today that think there is nothing wrong with killing or raping someone.  Nothing wrong with stealing from others.  If we build a society based on human reasoning and human understanding without God or the ten commandments,  society as we know would cease to exist.
The reason that we are still live in a somewhat civil society is because of believing Christians that stand for conservative principles. I'm not saying that every non believer or liberal person is bad, but in general a liberal mindset has no boundaries. It's a view of compromise, tolerance towards those with the same mind, but the most intolerant people against those in opposition.  Atheist and liberals look at issues as grey, rather than black or white. That is a dangerous view to have because it is clouded and uncertain. Jesus said, "Let you yes be yes and your no be no, everything else is of the evil one."  Religions have been around since the beginning,  all religions have one thing in common, a set of moral and ethic rules to live by.  These different religions have much in common when it comes to moral and ethical values. Who gave mankind moral values? People intransigently know when they did something wrong. They know that certain behaviors are wrong. How do they know?
Is it because God has given mankind moral standards that are instilled in every human being?  I heard a story of missionaries that went into the deepest jungle in South America and reached a people that were totally isolated from the world. They had a custom of revenge killing. After month and month of ministering to the tribal people and telling them about Jesus and salvation and forgiveness through Him, the chief told them a story. A family member was killed by a rival tribe and as it was there custom, he sought out the person and killed him in return. Justice was served in their belief. The missionary spoke in length with the chief and ask him how he felt killing someone. The chief answered that he knew it was wrong,  but he did it anyways and felt terrible afterwards.  God gave us all a conscience. Instinctively we know what's right or wrong.  God's law is written on our hearts,  some just ignore and refuse God's law and have hardened their hearts.
So, my fellow Atheist, you may deny God and His existence. You may want to shout from the roof tops, "I can be good without God." The fact is His laws are written on your heart. If you want to get rid of God from society, the society will collapse sooner or later. There are some Godless societies, North Korea would be one. Maybe that would be a good model for us to learn from? Instead of worshiping God, people worship the supreme leader.

"Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants." Patrick Henry.

"It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains." Benjamin Franklin.
"Bad men cannot make good citizens. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience are incompatible with freedom." Patrick Henry.
"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever." Thomas Jefferson.
"The religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and His apostles, which enjoins humility, piety, and benevolence; which acknowledges in every person a brother, or a sister, and a citizen with equal rights. This is genuine Christianity, and to this we owe our free Constitutions of Government." Noah Webster.


  1. There are many "so called" Athiests who really believe in God. They just want to get their name in the Newspaper or they want to get some sort of argument started. I don't see how anyone can really think there is no God.

  2. I don't like organized religion, but I ALSO don't like Bill Maher, ironically; HOWEVER, Bill Maher HAS, in fact, talked bad about Islam MANY times; you can easily look it up, such as, in one instance, where he says something about how radical christians in modern day have NEVER committed the terrorist actions that islamics have.

    And you're wrong saying that if we don't build our reasoning upon the bible's teachings, then a sense of morality isn't instilled in us; that's LUDICROUS to say, and is ironically AGAINST biblical teachings, which describes that we are all instilled with the knowledge of the christian god. Just because one person wants to do those atrocious DOES NOT mean that morality isn't easy to find. If ANY words are those of a higher power like god, then LOGIC would be those words; logic teaches us to NOT commit atrocities like rape or murder, and to NOT steal from others, because a single person is NOT self sufficient and NEEDS a society of peers to survive, which therefore shows how people LOGICALLY need to work together and appease each other in order to live a good life.

    You mention that tribe killing people, yet you fail to mention the atrocities that are TEN TIMES AS WORSE committed by the Catholic church in the past; you try to act like that time is far behind us, but atrocities committed by radical christians weren't THAT long ago, as slavery still existed up until barely 150 years ago; that's ONLY TWO LIFETIMES, which isn't even a SPECK in the history of the world.

    Basically, logic and science ARE god, because they rule the universe, as nothing can break the laws of logic, physics, etc. By making god out to be some silly voice in the sky who cares about all the stupid little things in your daily life, you UNDERMINE the vast and incredible power of this higher power, which I call God just to give it a name, as I do NOT refer to it as a christian god. Basically, by way of logic, your article is wrong.

  3. PS: if you took the words of the bible LITERALLY, then you would actually share the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church, who have signs that say "God Hates Fags" and protest soldier funerals, so don't even try to say that the bible alone instills morality; it's the HUMAN interpretation, mixed with, that's right, LOGIC, that interprets the bible and makes sense of these teachings for a civilized person. Those interpretations, much like the Westboro Baptist Church, are what lead to things like slavery, the Crusades, etc. And you CANNOT deny that, because look at stories like Sodom and Gamorrah, where the christian god MURDERS a whole society of people simply because they act differently; they didn't do anything to anyone else, but he DESTROYED a whole city because of disagreement, and now sexual actions between homosexual men are RELATED to that city and called "sodomy" which THEREFORE means that the bible is saying that homosexuals should be destroyed, or, was it turned into "pillars of salt" by god? If there is a god, the bible was DEFINITELY not written by him.