Monday, October 11, 2010

Legalizing Marijuana; a Christian viewpoint

Legalizing Marijuana; a Christian viewpoint

On Nov. 2nd voters in 4 states are casting their ballots, one hot button issue is the legalization of Marijuana. California is one of those states that is considering the legalization of the substance. I have been thinking about this issue for a while and weight out the pros and cons. From a pure human perspective, legalizing pot will take the criminal element out of possessing and consuming the now illegal drug. The jails are over crowded as it is, and many inmates are in jail because of either selling or possessing it. The cost of incarceration is overwhelming and with the budget short falls and other financial issues, I can see how some can make the argument of legalizing Marijuana from Tijuana (kidding), given the recent increase of violent deaths across the border in Mexico by the drug cartels. The smuggling of illegal drugs which include marijuana into the US from Mexico is on the rise due to a high demand here in the US. Many people risk their lives smuggling them into this country and face long jail sentences when caught, which crowds up the American court rooms. It is a burden on our court system. By the legalization of Marijuana most of these issues would disappear. The drug cartels would take a huge financial hit, diminishing their powers and Mexico may experience less violence because of it. Too many people have died because of the addiction to drugs and many more will die in the future, the appetite here in the US is great and as long as there is demand for them, the drugs will flow across the border. From the human perspective I can see some of the validity of the argument for the legalization of marijuana coming this November.

From a pure Christian view I can see the concerns many have, the Bible clearly teaches that using drugs in any form is a sin and leads into addiction or as the Bible calls it; bondage. People become slaves to their addictions and many of these drugs are mind altering and people do things that they normally would not consider doing. Addiction or bondage to substances like drugs and alcohol can be devastating to a persons life. The need to get "high" overshadows a person life and what was once considered an escape have become chains and dictates their lives. I can speak from experience, being a former alcoholic and occasional user of pot. Once addicted, life is all about getting it and looking for the next high. The drugs take control over a persons life and for most getting off them is a life long battle. The promise of feeling good, a better attitude in this world, has become a snare to people and their lives change to the worse and quite simply drugs no longer satisfy, the have become a slave master. Life on the human level does not satisfy, and people are searching for the next best thing but nothing will ever satisfy just as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has been singing for over 40 years: "I can get no satisfaction." The world with all it glamor and riches can never satisfy, there is always something missing and people go around in circles never finding "Nirvana". There is only one that can satisfy, that is God through His son Jesus Christ who truly transforms lives. So many people that were searching found true satisfaction in Jesus. Only He can give true peace through fellowship with Him. A Christian that has a true relationship with Christ is in need of nothing, Christ will provide all things, there is no need for mind altering substances such as drugs and alcohol. A sober mind is what God desires for the believer and to live in freedom and not in bondage to anything. The Bible teachers that the renewing of the mind will change a persons life, and that the viewpoint of the world will pass away and being renewed in the ways of God and His view of the world. People think that drugs offer an escape which is a lie, Jesus is the answer and He promised and said: "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Mat 11:28-30

People look for freedom, do drugs or alcohol set anyone free? Freedom can be found in Christ and Him alone. "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." Jhn 8:36

I will vote this upcoming election and vote "No" on the proposition to legalize marijuana. I do not want to enable people and at the same time go against God's word. People have a choice and the free will to choose given by God, but they will also have to face the consequences thereof. People who make the choice of using drugs to find peace and satisfaction will not find it and I hope that they will see that there quest for satisfaction is "nothing new under the sun".

Freddy Winter 10/11/10


  1. I have read everything you wrote and I can't tell you how sad I feel myself after reading this. I really do respect your opinion, but the legalization of marijuana goes behind the questions of what we think what's good or bad to me to do. As god has made the plants, and said they are for our good (Genesis 1:29), there are people that also think they should not be a question of police, but a question of choice. I don't wanna wake up a day and see everyone smoking pot, but as god has not make alcohol, and we all consume it, I prefer to give people a choice, while keeping teaching drugs are not good. The people will understand it with good and beautifull arguments and faith, but not with laws and police as we do it nowadays. That's why I am sad about your point of view. And there are a lot of people who think like you. Very, very sad.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes, people make choices everyday, some good some bad. God has given us a free will to chose. The Bible clearly teaches that the choices we make will have certain consequences in our lives. I am not foreign to smoking pot, I have smoked it myself, and if you would have ask me a few years ago if it should it be legalized, I would have answered yes. God has made every green herb, but nowhere does it say that we should smoke them. Marijuana is a mind altering drug and for many it is a gateway that leads to more serious drugs such as heroin or cocaine addictions. God has given us a mind, and the Bible teaches that we should be of a sober mind. Drugs cloud and alter our behaviors and actions and people do things they would normally not do. Why cloud once mind with a substance that is not natural to the body? Many people have serious addictions to drugs which the Bible calls bondage or slavery. People become slaves to their addictions. Addictions takes over a persons life and we can see all around us how drugs destroy life's and causes harm to people, for many a lifetime of bondage that they cannot break. Why do people have to take drugs, is there something missing in their lives, are they insecure, lost etc.? Looking at the consequences by the hunger for drugs, we see the effect and harm of them in the today. Many destroyed and shattered lives, irreversible illnesses that the drugs have caused. The drug cartels in Mexico have killed thousands because of drugs. The greed for money and power has caused this violence. It is the hunger and addiction to drugs that fuels the violence. I am not opposed to free choice, but remember that God has also warned us about the consequences of bad choices. Drugs, alcohol and other addictions brings a person into bondage, some are never able to escape them. It is not a pretty picture to see these treatment centers with people that are so addicted and sick because at one point in their lives they chose to try some weed or alcohol. Parents have lost their children to drugs. The streets are full of young people that are addicted, many have turned to crime to support their habits, many young women sell their bodies in order to satisfy the addiction. People have a free will and they can chose to smoke, drink etc. but looking at the consequences and the harm these choices can cause, why not stay sober minded and in control. People that are under the influence of any type of substance are not in control, they are being controlled. My choice is to be sober minded and have God in control over my life. You have a choice to either be controlled by what society approves and esteems as good and someones rights, or by God and His goodness.

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  10. Thank you for standing strong in the truth of God's Word on the issue of marijuana legalization. Many of my Christian friends and family are "grey" on this issue. I admire your courage as a recovering alcoholic to speak the truth in love, as you have compassion on others.

  11. The bible says the borrow is slave to the lender, should I not obtain a mortgage?